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LEPICOL Whole Psyllium Husks 300g


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Lepicol Whole Psyllium Husks 300g




FIBRE AND YOUR HEALTH : A well balanced diet with the correct levels of fibre will stimulate proper elimination. This is necessary for the digestive system to work effectively and to ensure that the body can absorb all the nutrients it needs from foods. A clogged system can prevent the digestive system from functioning properly. Adequate fibre in the diet is now accepted as being vital for digestive regularity and good health. Most people only consume around 15g of fibre when in fact more that 25g are needed. Fibre helps to improve the transit of waste products which in turn can help overall health.


A GOOD SOURCE OF SOLUBLE FIBRE : Psyllium husks absorb 20 times their own weight in water. The result is a soft gel which continues to absorb in the intestinal tract. This helps to clear toxins and prevents them from staying too long in the colon.


SENSITIVE BOWELS: Psyllium husks are an ideal source of fibre for those that have an intolerance to wheat. They can have a soothing effect on sensitive bowels where fibre from wheat can prove to be too abrasive. Psyllium husks are totally natural and safe. They are used by millions of people each year throughout the world. They are not absorbed by the body, do not stimulate in any way, and are non habit forming. They are therefore suitable for prolonged use.


Psyllium Husks are Gluten FREE, Wheat FREE, Phytate FREE, and Dairy FREE!


Active ingredients : Whole Psyllium Husks



It is recommended to take this product 30 minutes before or after a meal.


Take 2 heaped teaspoons (10g) twice daily. Mix with water or fruit juice and consume immediately. Follow this with a further cup of water or fruit juice.


Children/young adults

Take on heaped teaspoon (5g) twice daily. Mix with water or fruit juice and consume immediately. Follow this with a further cup of water or fruit juice. Psyllium husks swell when mixed with water. For this reason parents should seek the guidance of a practitioner before giving Psyllium husks to children under 11.


Psyllium husks can be added to meal replacements or milk shakes. Use a blender to ensure that the Psyllium husks are mixed in well. You can also add Psyllium husks to yoghurts. However, be sure to consume a minimum of 250ml of fluid for every teaspoon (5g) of Psyllium Husks.



Energy 0kj/0kcal, Protein 0g, Carbohydrates0g, Fat 0g, Fibre 98g





If you have recently had intestinal surgery or have any intestinal obstruction, consult your doctor before taking psyllium husks.



If you feel that your bowels may need something more than just fibre, try Lepicol , which provides Lactobacillus and Bifidum Bacteria, and Fructo-oligosaccharides, in a base of psyllium husks

4 reviews for LEPICOL Whole Psyllium Husks 300g

  1. Payton

    My doctor recommends this. Thanks for having it

  2. Jerry

    just got these

  3. Beckham

    will give them a try hoping for the best

  4. Anonymous

    .. thanks

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