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Light Agave Syrup, Organic 250ml


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Agave Sweet & Mild Syrup (Nectar)

  • Sweetens cakes, biscuits, sweet breads, porridge, muesli and drinks.
  • Organic certified.
  • Mild, runny honey-like consistency.
  • You can even eat it on toast – a bit like honey.
  • Also known as agave nectar.
  • Now in a squeezable bottle.

The Taste

The flavour of the Biona Agave Syrup or ‘Agave Nectar’, is not over-sweet and does not taste overpowering like some honeys or sugars do. The taste resembles that of light barley sugar. It would work very well in savoury dishes and sweetens hot drinks like coffee and green tea (without any unusual after taste). Mmmmm!


Use agave syrup in place of sugar – it works well in tea and coffee, baking and even on toast!

4 reviews for Light Agave Syrup, Organic 250ml

  1. Vicente

    the syrup worked wonders in a short time period

  2. Conor

    the organic part is what gets me to buy this

  3. Rolando

    Thanks you lads. This is good for my BS

  4. Adonis

    good as we thought

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