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Skinny Shots – Vanilla Coffee Syrup, Organic 250g


(4 customer reviews)
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Vanilla Flavoured Coffee Syrup

  • Agave syrup flavoured with the finest, carefully selected vanilla.
  • Made with agave nectar – a simple sugar the body is able to directly utilise as fast energy.
  • 25% less calories than cane sugar.
  • Perfect for making homemade vanilla latte!
  • 100% natural.
  • Only 42 calories per serving.
  • Contains 18 x 10ml shots.
  • Packed in a botttle made from recycled plastic.
  • Vegan.



4 reviews for Skinny Shots – Vanilla Coffee Syrup, Organic 250g

  1. Kevin

    great for what else? but coffee!

  2. Jonas

    the brand is great

  3. Maximo

    my 3rd order now

  4. Nathan

    vanilla always does it for me

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